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Kenmarks 03-05-2022 04:08 PM

1962 Post Cereal Canadian CFL Football Panels
The 1962 Post CFL Football promotion has limited historical information related to which players appeared on which cereals. Most of the other Post and Jell-O issues have known player to product listings (except 1962 Jell-O Baseball). As a result, collectors do not know exactly which players were multi-printed ...... which creates a situation of there being an unknown number of players needed for a complete master set of these cards. While some collectors have identified some of the variations, the universe of total variations is not known.

There are a small number of panels available for perusal on the internet, and a number of those do not still have the colored advertising portion of the panel which can tell you which cereal flavor the panel came from (colors are different for each cereal flavor).

So I am asking collectors who may have any 1962 Post CFL panels to post pictures of those panels on this thread. Even if a panel is a partial or lacks the colored advertising card, that would be great. I believe there are not that many different panels (maybe 25) so that we could potentially figure all this out. Thus if anyone does have panels and could post them here, would be much appreciative. I will share whatever information that can be derived from the analysis. Thanks!! Ken Marks (916) 508-7872

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