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Lordstan 06-13-2021 09:21 PM

Need Help with some ticket id's
I need some help with Identifying some tickets, if even possible. I was able to id all the boxing tickets and the Yankees tickets.
What I need help with are
1) the NY Giants tickets. They have a Chas Stoneham name on them, so I know they are before !936, but that is as far as I have been able to tell.
2) The Brooklyn Robins grandstand tickets from 1930. The question is that both game 100 and 106 in their schedule were away games, Phil and Pitts respectively. Of course they did not play 106 home games either. Is there any way to tell which game they are actually from?
Thanks in advance

As an aside, you all might enjoy knowing the two tickets together from the Philadelphia A's are from June 3rd, 1932. In case you don't recognize that day, It's the day Gehrig hit 4HR in a game. Pretty cool

Lordstan 06-14-2021 10:14 PM

Just got some bummer news. Apparently the tax act of 1932 went into effect June 6th, 3d after Gehrig's game, so the ticket isn't likely to be from that game. Damn.
Ah well.

Anyway, if anyone can help with the questions I had, I would greatly appreciate it

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