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Directly 02-23-2021 04:16 PM

Tiger Woods Auto Accident
Was just told Tiger Woods was in a serious Auto Accident--hopefully it isn't career ending !!--breaking news

Snapolit1 02-23-2021 04:51 PM

Compound fractures in both legs. Seems like it will be a real challenge for an elite athlete to come back from. Especially one with well documented serious back problems.

pclpads 02-23-2021 09:02 PM

With his documented past driving issues and his wealth, WTH doesn't he have a permanent driver? He can certainly afford it. Earlier news said he had a badly fractured ankle among other injuries. Face it. His competitive golf career may be over. I hope not but that is a tough fracture to recover from for a golfer. He should just commit himself to teaching his son the game.

ggary 02-23-2021 09:46 PM

Luckily the high school up the street is still closed due to the pandemic so he didnít hit any students going to school. Not many people go up the hill in the morning now that school is closed. Period zero classes started at 7:00 last year and are going to start at 7:20 if classes are taught in person this year (right around the time of the accident).

Snapolit1 02-24-2021 07:55 AM

Tiger's life is an interesting one of a kind case study. Some day people will write the definitive books about him. He came on the scene as a very athletic young mixed race man, in a sport that was overtly prejudicial to blacks and other minorities in many areas and tournaments for decades. Played amazing for years. He has had an adult life with a number of serious reputational incidents that would have derailed many other people from any real public acclaim. Yet he has retained a level of mystique that I think it basically unprecedented in modern times. I think more so than even Michael Jordan. If Woods ever makes it back to a golf tournament of some kind a year from now the ratings would likely be the highest for any golf tournament worldwide ever. Even if he's not competitive. Clearly golf has suffered a lot in his absence. The mystique surrounding him seems immensurable. I'm not sure where it all comes from and suspect its all very complicated.

D. Bergin 02-24-2021 11:29 AM

As someone who has been dealing with relatively minor back issues the last few months, I can't imagine someone like Tiger who has been through multiple surgeries, didn't also do extensive additional damage to his back that he's going to have to deal with, along with his multiple leg injuries.

I took a spill on our icy driveway a couple weeks back, and was worried it knocked by back out of place. Can't image what he's going through.

I don't envy the guy. Even with all his economic freedom, he's probably going to be living with a substantial amount of pain for the rest of his life. There's some things money can't buy.

jiw98 02-24-2021 03:31 PM

At 45 years of age Tiger was still very competitive. This injury may be the injury that ends his career as a player.
I still remember Tiger winning a major on pretty much one leg, so I am not going to count him out unless Tiger himself says he's done. Hopefully he has a complete recovery and can return. Like Tiger or not, he is good for the sport of golf.

steve B 03-12-2021 10:57 AM

To be fair, driving hasn't been the best part of Tigers game for years....

too soon?

Jim65 03-12-2021 01:10 PM


Originally Posted by steve B (Post 2079999)
To be fair, driving hasn't been the best part of Tigers game for years....

too soon?

And he landed in the rough

packs 03-12-2021 01:35 PM

Nothing against Tiger but with all these accidents he's lucky he hasn't hurt someone else.

insidethewrapper 03-12-2021 05:11 PM

The accident report indicated: "There were no skid marks or signs of braking from the crash site". Does this mean he was sleeping at the wheel or any evidence of attempted suicide ? Many attemps are made this way is why I ask ?

GasHouseGang 03-12-2021 06:06 PM

I doubt it was on purpose. I just wonder why someone with money and bad driving record doesn't hire a driver?

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