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wicker56 04-02-2021 12:03 PM

Issues with COMC on Ebay
For years I have purchased cards through Ebay and directly off of the COMC website with no issue. That has all changed this year. I have had dozens of transactions this year that have not been fulfilled. Due the worldwide COVID situation I have been very patient with all sellers including COMC. On each transaction I have given COMC two months to ship my items. Unfortunately 90% of the orders were never fulfilled. The first few transactions I opened a case with Ebay and no one from COMC even bothered to respond to the case, so Ebay stepped in and refunded my money. The most recent cases COMC did responded stating that they had an issue at their warehouse and the cards were no longer available. The biggest gripe I have is that if you go back and look the same cards have been relisted for five to ten times what I had originally paid. If you check COMCís feedback on Ebay over 1,200 people in the last thirty days have left them negative feedback. Sorry for the lengthy rant. I just felt it was necessary to alert other collectors, so the donít make the same mistake I did.

swarmee 04-02-2021 12:21 PM

Yeah, they're swamped. Some of what you experienced is a result of you trying to buy the card on eBay instead of directly on the website for cheaper, that being the flipper bought the card and repriced it before the eBay price could be updated.
The shipping problem started over a year ago, and was increased when they tried to keep up with the increased demand, but still list auctions nightly on eBay, handle Upper Deck's epack fulfillment, etc. They just can't keep up, and recently announced they ran out of toploaders.
Some of it was due to COVID measures they could not improve on working in Washington state, but most of it seems like they've done it to themselves by not hiring or running multiple packing/shipment shifts to keep up with sales and shipment requests.

I believe their CEO is going to be on Sports Card Live on youtube soon.

Will be interesting to see how he tries to explain all the problems going on in the company. There are a few threads on blowout with angry customers as well who have filed BBB or Washington state claims against them.

GasHouseGang 04-02-2021 06:17 PM

They are really slow on delivery as you know. I guess they've been hammered with orders.

todeen 04-02-2021 06:19 PM

I've been buying from COMC recently and the cards have arrived rather quickly, much faster than their 14 day handling window. I bought one last weekend, and it is supposed to arrive Monday.

The one before that took 10-14 days as well.

GasHouseGang 04-03-2021 05:16 PM

My last purchase from COMC was an auction I won on March 4th. I didn't receive the package until March 26th. I started to get worried, because two other cards I purchased on ebay after I won this auction arrived before this card.

swarmee 04-03-2021 05:30 PM

Interview is tonight starting at 10pm ET.

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