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pootshwan 02-05-2021 12:23 AM

Michael Jordan 1984 Star card
Would this card be consistently selling for more than the 86 Fleer if PSA graded it? We all know the huge price difference between BGS and PSA (which seems to be getting larger by the week) and Star was probably printed in far fewer quantity.

Why doesn't PSA take the time to master this card so they feel comfortable grading it? Seems very lazy on their part. They must see it as a huge liability or something?

As a final question, what percentage of 84 Star BGS graded do you think are counterfeits, trimmed, etc.?

Peter_Spaeth 02-05-2021 09:06 AM

IMO the card, and all Star rookie cards, would at least double in value if not more if PSA graded them. That said, the Star Jordans are picking up recently and based on the very latest sales, at least in 8 the 101 now surpasses the 57. As for PSA, the answer is simple: Joe Orlando. The story is that he was unhappy when PSA inadvertently graded a prototype and just shut the whole thing down in response, even though experts say the graders could easily learn to authenticate these.

Econteachert205 02-05-2021 10:48 AM

Hi, If Beckett has the ability to grade them, there is no reason why PSA cannot. As far as your question about fake/ trimmed cards in BGS holders, I would say fakes are very low, no more prevalent than other issues. Trimmed cards are another story especially with old flips, there is a degree of variability to cuts on some. Also keep in mind that beckett won't grade the best of best, magic johnson subset, sealed bags, and recently I have heard they won't grade best of the old/new either, although that isn't explicitly stated on the site.

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