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TUM301 01-15-2021 06:44 AM

!986 Fleer Jordan Sticker
Hello Guys, found this Jordan a while back when looking for another item actually. Forgot picking it up years ago. Any tell tale signs of it being a reprint, scans aren`t the greatest I Know. Any input much appreciated before possibly sending it to be graded. Thanks for the help.....Murph Fleer Sticker, Jordan by Hugh Murphy, on Flickr by Hugh Murphy, on Flickr

TUM301 02-14-2021 03:36 PM

Purchased this card late 80`s. Have been doing some checking and found 2 promising aspects of this card. The yellow on the front appears to be a darker shade and the back red areas seem correct, more red than maroon. Any input from more seasoned hoop collectors would be greatly appreciated. Thanx guys......

Kaneen 02-22-2021 01:09 AM

I'm certainly no "expert" on when this sticker began being reprinted, but if you really did purchase it in the late 80s I can't imagine it was being forged at that time. I was at a large show in Cincinnati in the Fall of '89, and dealers had the regular '86 Fleer Jordan RC on their tables at the whopping cost of $10. I decided to pick one up, and the dealer said, "I'll throw in the complete set and the stickers if you want them for an extra 5 bucks." I thought about it for a few minutes and finally agreed to give him $15 bucks - for an entire 1986 Fleer set, including the Jordan RC and all the stickers!

As an aside, at that same show there was also some kid and his dad sitting at a table (with no one in line) near the exit. If you bought a 24x36 poster for $10.00, they would both sign it for free. I was nearly out the door and thought, "eh, what the heck." So I turned around and went back and bought a poster, and had it signed by the 2 bored gentlemen.

So to recap that 20 minutes or so as I was leaving the show, I got a Jordan RC, an 86 Fleer Basketball complete set with the stickers, and a dual signed "Griffey - The Next Generation" poster...all for $25 bucks.

And on the way home I was wondering to myself if I had made the right choices blowing that much extra cash on those impulse "borderline" items. Lol

Considering that I also traded an extremely scorching hot '86 Donruss Jose Canseco to a dealer for a beautiful '57 Topps Roberto Clemente...turns out that may have been one of the best days of my collecting life!

(But I digress, lol...Sorry to stray so far off topic. Nice Jordan sticker...congrats!)

TUM301 02-22-2021 08:03 AM

Hey Kev, thanks for chiming in Sir. Awesome collecting story and one you`ll never forget. Yes those were the days. Every once in a while think back to my high school days. Late 70`s and we as the varsity baseball team had to "work" the annual collector`s show put on by our coach to raise athletic funds. Must have been 100+ tables, the gym was full, with everything imaginable from cards to memorabilia. Still remember what I think was a full game worn Wilt Chamberlain warmup with a starting bid of around 400 dollars. As we say, "if we only knew then"....... Thanks for your input, much appreciated.

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