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Default Price for raw lots of 52 topps

Also did some research into raw lots on eBay and to make a long story short, after checking out 30 lots that have sold in the last 6 weeks or so, this is what I found (and this is all for lower to mid # cards, no card over #311):

Though I went by the grades given by the seller, I also tried to eyeball to see if it held water to me...and most did.

Poor/Good - averaged $3.50/card
Good/VG - averaged $5/card
VG/EX - averaged $7/card
EX - averaged $9.50/card

Each of the 4 categories made up 1/4 of the lots, so about 7-8 lots each were averaged for each grade.

I'm interested to see if this sounds about right to what you might have paid recently...
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