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Congrats to ND(so far) and OSU for finishing without blemish...

Sadly, I think they're gonna have A LOT of trouble with whoever wins the SEC. Not to come off as biased, but I think they're catching the short end of the stick on the Ohio State ban... Without OSU's ban, I think we'd be seeing the two undefeated teams play in the NC(this is of course assuming OSU would've won the Big 10 game, possibly with OSU ranked 1st). ND v OSU would've been a much closer matched game, thus improving ND's chance of winning the NC game..

Not that I won't give Alabama/Georgia credit, I do think that either of them would beat OSU or ND. But that's apples/oranges when considering the effects that climate has on a teams style of play.. OSU and ND did what they were supposed to do against the teams that they were built to do it against, while none of the SEC teams were able to accomplish that this year..

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