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If anyone has a question about a photo-- whether it looks okay or vintage, the stamping looks acceptable, dating, etc-- you can contact me before sending anything in (my website is

I'm working as an outside adviser to Beckett (they already sent me a scan of a photo for my opinion on the dating stamps), and I'm sure they' are more than happy for to give advise collectors. I don't personally handle the photos and know the specifics about the 1-10 grading system (obviously, I know 10 is better than 1). I visited Beckett in Dallas a couple of months ago, carrying a brief case full of photo 'exemplars', and met with all the folks.

Lastly, I'm not dealing in photos or other memorabilia (or used cars, etc), so me saying a photo looks good or bad, doesn't benefit me financially. I'm an honest, ethical person so it wouldn't matter anyway. I'm hired specifically to give good, honest advice.

My only cheap advertisement is for my book Guide to Sports Photographs. It covers sports photos of all types from all eras, 1800s to today, tintypes, Polaroids, cabinet cards, wire photos, real photo postcards etc. It shows how to date, authenticate, identify, name and even has a chapter on how to date early baseball photos by the player's uniforms and equipment. The books covers all the types of photos submitted to and holdered by Beckett.

The book can be purchased via amazon, with the link below


The Sports Guide is the sports version of 'Judging the Authenticity of Photographs' so there's only need to get the Guide to Sports Photographs. The other book would be redundant.

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