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Originally Posted by Exhibitman View Post
SGC played around with it for a while via its comic book co but only did one group of photos, part of the Culver archive for one dealer. I bought a few and wanted to have some of my photos slabbed similarly but they were not doing it commercially.

I may send in my modest group of boxing items.
Yes, previously there were only two options:

* The CGC press photos, but the drawbacks were that it was not a public service, there were stickers added to the photos, and the "slabs" were thinner than a card saver. They were almost laminated. For the record, I believe CGC and SGC (and NGC for coins) have no ownership connection, just a mutual involvement in the Certified Collectible Group. So I don't think SGC was involved in that Culver Archive "slabbing"/

* PSA/DNA - I have never found info on their site (but may be wrong) that this is a public service they offer either. They definitely do/did not slab them, but rather put a sticker on the photo, and issued a letter of authenticity to match.

Looking forward to seeing your boxing photos!
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