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From what I saw and guess, the CGC were done for a big dealer. The problem was the photos were basically all labeled as vintage originals. Many were nice originals, but some where later generation and printed later press photos. So there were some big labeling/misdating errors in the lot. As Mark mentions, these photos have big sticker on back and are 'holdered' in a soft plastic sleeve.

As Mark also mentions, I'm not sure if the PSA/DNA was a for public deal. Though, I've looked at the PSA/DNA photos and they appear to be accurately labeled and dated-- so I haven't seen errors in the methods.

The Type 1, Type 2 of the Mastro book and PSA/DNA is their cataloging invention. I've never labeled photos that way. I say stuff like original, vintage, printed later-- which are the traditional and standard terms. The funny thing is before I went to Dallas to meet with Beckett I had to read what the Type 1, Type 2 meant. If a collector says Type 3 to me in an email, I may have to go and look up Type 3 means.

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