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Originally Posted by cbradley221 View Post
Not sure this is the right place to ask (brand new here) but Iíve been trying to find Spord Collector digest back issues and having a heck of a time finding them anywhere but eBay. Was wondering if anyone here had a direction they could point me; my kid and I have been on the hunt for a while, need some new leads!

This is an awesome forum btw, thanks for any help!

What are you looking for? I have a ton of them from issue 1, lots of issues (even entire editions) from the late-70's and early 80's. They're fun to look at but entirely impractical for someone in a small apartment. I got rid of many of my late-80's and 90's issues because I couldn't justify paying to move them from the East Coast to the West Coast. Wouldn't mind letting them go for reasonable cost to a loving home.

SCD is a great history of the hobby.
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