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Originally Posted by bigfanNY View Post
These are some examples of Heritage Boxtoppers. There are also 3 card salesmen sample panels and random cards from the set the heritage set was based on ( so this year there are 1971 cards with an embossed symbol inserted as a box topper.
But most of these examples are limited to between 50 and 100. And as someone else noted they dry up quickly in the market place. So I just try and get a few cards of players that I started putting away for my grandkids like Trout , Gleyber Torres, etc.
I have always enjoyed larger format cards and posters despite them not being as popular or valuable as regular issues. (There are some exceptions and a couple of these Trouts cost quite a bit on secondary market).
Anyone else with Heritage cards they enjoy and want to share?
That punchout Trout/Harper is sweet. I have some of the Greatest moments coming, will post them when they arrive.
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