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Originally Posted by jacksoncoupage View Post
I donít know if this one was an intentional variation. Virtually zero publicity for this card until a tiny blurb in the annual Beckett stating its ďdiscoveryĒ in 1999. Ten years later! And I believe this note wasnít even added to the books until the 2002 annual.

As for the why...From a production standpoint, could Randy have seen the card and complained about it post production? We know that Fleer was printing and distributing cards by mid-November 1988. Maybe earlier, but unverified, if so. We know that by mid-November the card had seen multiple cover-up attempts. Did Randy somehow see one of the few clear examples immediately upon release and object to the ad? How did he see it so quickly? Iíve never heard of a card company sending proofs to players before production. I donít believe that is a thing. Very odd but Iím doubtful that Randyís objection is the cause for it.

Whatís really surprising to me is that nobody has managed to track down someone in the know. No Fleer people on the record even sharing conjecture, questionable memories.
That might be the most frustrating part - from a collectors standpoint. The fact that no one has gone on record from Fleer about this whole thing. It isn't like they need to stay secretive or protect themselves, given they are now a defunct company.

Just weird, really.
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