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Originally Posted by Hatorade View Post
You're really on the right track with this. One hint I can suggest is that there are at least two separate, but very similar red tint lineages. I've attached a couple images of 1 of the darker versions of each of these 2 red attempts, which would be at the bottom of each of the two red columns on your chart. Iíve also included another image of the dark blue I have for the bottom of the blue column.

Thanks! You have many many more of the versions than I do! I wonder if it makes sense to edit the sketch, putting the clearest version on the very top (since it is highest on the clarity scale) and the completely blacked out version on the very bottom (since it is lowest on the clarity scale). All of the other versions fall between these two extremes (so those pictures would be in the middle). Then, I could replace the "no tint" label with "light red tint" (so the four columns across the x-axis would be "light red tint", "blue tint", "green tint", and "dark red tint")?
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