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Originally Posted by steve5838 View Post
Thanks! You have many many more of the versions than I do! I wonder if it makes sense to edit the sketch, putting the clearest version on the very top (since it is highest on the clarity scale) and the completely blacked out version on the very bottom (since it is lowest on the clarity scale). All of the other versions fall between these two extremes (so those pictures would be in the middle). Then, I could replace the "no tint" label with "light red tint" (so the four columns across the x-axis would be "light red tint", "blue tint", "green tint", and "dark red tint")?
You would remove the clear tint column. The top card from that column would be moved to the top of the blue column. That card and Kevin's card would be the two known copies in the clear range of the blue run and go at the top of the column. It would be very interesting to see the two card together, it's likely there is a slight discrepancy in the amount of blue tint between the two clear blue cards. Then there are 4 or 5 known mid-blue copies that would follow those two in the column and then the 1 known copy of the blue box at the bottom. That makes up all the known blue cards and highlights how rare the clear/blue run is. There are likely to be a few more blue cards that pop up and could be placed into their appropriate positions in the blue column. To add the grading element you suggested. The top grade for a clear version is tied at PSA 9, mid-blue 2 PSA 9's and of the top blue box version is currently an PSA 8.

It looks like the next two cards remaining from the clear column would be moved to the top of the current red column. The last remaining image in the old clear column would be moved to the top to start a red 2 column. You would also add 2 columns for each fish version and 1 for the negatives that we've talked about earlier. Then things get pretty interesting for the greens. There appears to me to be a minimum of 4 or 5 different green runs so it gets a little tougher for them. Fortunately, with some of the characteristic feature I mentioned earlier you can do some separating within the different versions.
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