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Originally Posted by steve5838 View Post
Ben, I believe I own the blue one you had. I bought it from David on this board. I'm pretty sure this is the one due to the small scratch over the Marlboro man. I was lucky enough to grab a second blue one on EBay earlier this year. I know Kevin also has one of the blue ones. Outside of these and the ones on Hatorade's site I haven't seen others (but always on the lookout in case more come out of the woodwork).

I'm still hoping to add to my above sketch but have been holding off for some cards to get back from PSA grading so I can scan them. If possible I want to use the same scanner and same settings so I can better differentiate the versions (as opposed to differences in scanner or photo settings).
Good stuff.

I just pulled my first rack pack with a Johnson variation on top - black box, and it wasn't during the time period that we all though it "should" be.

What is Hatorade's site? Can you provide that? Thanks!
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