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Originally Posted by Hatorade View Post
That chart is great Steve. It provides a great comparison/contrast of some of the different lightly tinted versions. Itís a really nice showcase of the differences in similar cards with the way they are all grouped. There are a couple of interesting ways to further develop the relationship that exists between the cards by looking at other areas of the card outside of the ad while comparing the ad areas. Recurring print dots and the red squiggle are a couple of features that have correlations to certain versions. An example of this, if I see them correctly, would be that it is very likely if you shared larger images of rg2 and gr2, both of them will have the red squiggles and either or both of them will have a 4 dot. The 4 dot is in the diagonal blue line next to Randyís head in the image below. With your collection of cards you likely have 4 or 5 other cards with the 4 dot on them as well.

Thanks, everyone. It was fun putting this together.

Hatorade, that is a beautiful card. I believe that is what I labeled br2 in my figure. You have a great point about the dot in the blue bar. I just checked and I have a br2 one just like yours where the dot is in this lower vertical position. I also have br2s without any dot and some br2s with the dot in the same place horizontally but in a higher vertical position. I believe all of my rg2s and most of my gr2s also have a dot (I don't think I have any cards of the rg2 version without a dot - but of course that doesn't mean they aren't out there). I haven't seen this dot on versions n0, b1, r1, g1, gb2, rb2, br3, or br4. I don't think the dot is common on rg3 either but am not 100% sure it doesn't exist. This dot has actually been a big help to me in purchasing cards on eBay when it isn't otherwise apparent from picture quality in the listing which version you are getting. When I see a card with this dot on a relatively lighted tinted card I'm pretty sure it will be something that PSA would label "Marlboro Ad on Scoreboard".

Extrapolating from the figure, I'm really hoping there might exist a very light green (maybe even almost yellowish) tint card with no bubble and the cowboy visible. I've never seen one of these but it seems one could exist (as a more pure g1 variant).
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