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Originally Posted by irv View Post
I've had some sh*t luck lately in this regard. This, I believe, is my 3rd "not as described" card I have received in the past 4-6 months.
I recently went through another headache with a dealer from B.C., who, when I asked for his total shipping cost, replied with, "4 flat rate"?
I kindly asked him what that meant exactly but didn't get a reasonable reply so I walked.
Lots of new ebay sellers so some shenanigans shouldn't be surprising from time to time I suppose but the guy from B.C. had a large feedback score so I'm not sure what he was up to?
I thought I had noticed that you had that happen more than once recently. I'm a big Kellogg's collector, and you just have to throw condition descriptions out the window almost with those. If its not a great pic and I can't be sure, I pass. There are a couple of solid Kellogg guys I tend to do repeat business with. Hope your luck improves.
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