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Originally Posted by irv View Post
You're welcome.

I'm not sure if those links I posted covered it but I read recently that the scammers/doctors are now adding that yellow dot/spot on Gretzky's left shoulder.
That use to be a tell tale sign, if that was missing, that the card was a fake but that doesn't hold true anymore apparently?
If the yellow dot is missing, the card is still a counterfeit.

Luckily, determining authenticity is much more than looking for one specific thing. Cards should be put through several tests. For example, most cards from this era (Gretzky rookies included) are a product of similar printing methods. One such method involves printing a blend of solid colors and "rosettes" by sending the card stock through the press several times. This can be seen with Topps progressive color proof sets.

Many counterfeits are made with machines that print everything in one pass. This leads to a homogenized image, with (again, for example) no crisp black pin lines around the image on the front of a Gretzky rookie.
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