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The email is so disturbing on so many levels. To think that anyone can "coerce" a grader completely flies in the face of the integrity of PSA, Small Traditions, and this hobby. This is akin to insider trading or early release of information to "preferred" clients in the investments world. Both are completely unethical and/ or illegal.

"Hey graders, come to this event where you will speak w/ our most important dealers and clients. Remember they help pay our bills, so if they have an 8.5 give that card a little nudge to a 9 or 10. For your efforts, we'll fly you out to fabulous Las Vegas and get you drunk (and/or laid)."

So disgusting on so many levels. Don't give me any crap about "subjective" and "grader was having a bad day". This is flat out unethical in my opinion.

And to think that Small Traditions has the balls to email people without feeling slightly ashamed of what they are doing makes my blood boil. I'll certainly think twice about buying again from ST if every card will now be overgraded. I did wonder how their consigners were systematically getting low population 10s on some difficult (condition sensitive cards) like the '88 ProCards Biggio.

Yuck. And sadly, it is probably rampant w/ many dealers and AHs. But I now know of one to stay away from for sure.

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