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Originally Posted by trobba View Post
Small Traditions

Greetings from Small Traditions,

We are pleased to report that our recently concluded Inaugural Premium Holiday Auction succeeded beyond our best expectations. Please read about the record-breaking auction results in our blog entry here. As a thank you to our many consignors and customers, we are excited to extend the following free grading and review offers, the latter of which is extremely time sensitive, so please call 303.832.1975 or write info@smalltraditions ASAP, and we'll be in touch as soon as we can.

High-End Consignments Wanted for Free In-Person Reviews at PSA Invitational Event in Las Vegas

A benefit of its high volume of monthly card submissions to PSA, Small Traditions is a regular attendee at PSA’s Invitational events in Las Vegas. At these events, high volume submitters like Small Traditions are able to meet with PSA’s graders in order to discuss discrepancies with cards that appear to be under-graded. What most collectors don’t realize about the grading process is that PSA’s graders will often judge cards over-conservatively, erring on the side of caution rather than grading too liberally and thereby flooding the hobby with higher-graded cards that barely meet PSA’s stringent grading standards. The truth is, however, that grading is a very subjective process, and cards that appear to be 8s and 8.5s to one grader one day may appear to be 9s and even 10s to another grader another day. This is the reality of third-party grading, and it’s no secret, at least not anymore. Most dealers would rather buy a high-end PSA 8 NM-MT Mickey Mantle card and review or re-grade it themselves in order to make a profit, rather than telling the card’s owner that it might be under-graded, but not at Small Traditions, where the company works to maximize consignor sales in order to maximize its 15% (buyers premium) stake in the consignment partnership, and that means maximizing card grades.

The PSA Invitational event is one of the best opportunities of the year to realize successful reviews, when an under-graded card can be discussed in person and “bumped” to the next grading level, and Small Traditions founder Dave Thorn is currently seeking high-end cards graded PSA 9 Mint and below, which their owners feel have been under-graded, for presentation to the PSA grading staff at the next PSA Invitational, from January 15th to 17th in Las Vegas. This offer is extremely limited and time sensitive, and the deal is of course contingent on granting Small Traditions the privilege of auctioning any cards that are successfully reviewed to a higher grade. Please call 303.832.1975 or write as soon as possible for more information.

Consignments Wanted & Free Grading with PSA and BGS on Items Valued Over $100

Unique within the industry, Small Traditions also offers free grading with PSA and BGS on cards valued above $100 and free authentication with PSA/DNA and JSA on autographs valued above $200. Most of the items in the Inaugural Premium Holiday Auction, in fact, were graded by Small Traditions at no cost to its consignors. The company is currently seeking consignments for its January, February and March Monthly Masterpieces Plus Auctions, and it will be returning to its exclusive 100-Lot Premium Auction format in April to mark the beginning of the 2014 MLB season. Please call 303.832.1975 or write for more information.

Thanks, as always, for supporting Small Traditions, and happy New Year!

Best Regards,

Dave Thorn

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Very disturbing indeed. The bump-up game has become a lucrative business in itself (this is not news) but this organized event, in my opinion, truly undermines the integrity of third party grading.
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