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Originally Posted by GasHouseGang View Post
You can certainly avoid this company if you want, but why would you assume they are the only ones getting this sweet deal? There are much bigger auction houses and dealers out there. Is there any reason we shouldn't assume other companies are getting the same sort of treatment from PSA? These other companies just aren't telling you about it in their advertising!
I don't recall claiming these are the only ones getting preferential treatment but I agree with you that it is very likely a widespread problem and if you can find a list of the attendees I will certainly follow suit by avoiding those dealers as well.

What I find interesting is that historically PSA advertises that the graders never know who the submitters are. Here's a quote from their website regarding the PSA grading process:

The submissions are now assigned a generic order number, removing the identifying information from the order thus removing the potential for bias.

Also, if you read this article about the Cobb-Edwards Honus Wagner, this was supposedly the reason PSA would not grade their card:

As a matter of policy, PSA will not examine material in the presence of its owner. Cobb and Edwards refused to allow their card to be examined without their being present. Orlando told them they could fly out with their card, "drop it off and pick it up within an hour or two."

This whole event is extremely troublesome in my opinion and is a slap in the face of sports hobbyists.
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