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Default Fees

Originally Posted by MULLINS5 View Post
$2.20 extra on $100 is not bad plus customers have more options to pay which should increase sales. I suspect this will be a good thing.
$2.20 doesn't sound like much, but a total of $5.20 for payment fees, plus 9.15% final value fee ($9.15), plus a monthly premium store fee of $59.95 adds up pretty quickly at the end of the month.

eBay is still, by far, the best marketplace to sell sportscards because of the vast audience, great shipping discounts, and free quarterly shipping supplies, but a seller has to be very careful when purchasing products to resell because the high fees will quickly eat up your profit.

I sell on eBay to make a little money to buy cards for my personal collection, and that has worked well for me, so I will put up with the fees, glitches, low offers, and problem customers. It is much less work and much more profitable than setting up at card shows.
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