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Originally Posted by samosa4u View Post
Where did you read this? If eBay is dropping the Global Shitty Program, then that's great news! First of all, they would charge us high shipping fees - why would I pay like $25 USD to have a freaking $3 card shipped to me? There are so many things I couldn't buy because Americans signed up for this stupid program. On top of that, they would open all my parcels at their main sorting center, repack them, and then ship to me. I had a couple items get damaged by those idiots. I really hope they get rid of this program ASAP!
I read it in the fine print on the program. It was in the link eBay sent to sellers to 'entice' them to make the switch.

You aren't going to save money if eBay eliminates Global Shipping; you are going to lose many American sellers. Before Global Shipping too many shady Canadians (primarily) were buying cards and asking for PWE shipping, then claiming non-delivery and stealing the cards and a refund because we did not have the ability to track PWE international shipments. We still cannot track unless the buyer wants to pay about $20-$25 US for specific shipping methods. No one except an inexperienced seller is going to risk an international sale without delivery confirmation because of the rampant fraud. The GS program allowed us easy delivery protection: I got my item to Erlanger KY and they took the risk after that. I will not sell internationally without tracking; I don't want the headaches or the charge-backs. So, when eBay forces us to switch to its payment platform, which currently requires us to ship internationally rather than going through an intermediary, I will eliminate international sales from my store, and so will many other American sellers, or I will charge the same rate as GS and ship with one of the few international tracking methods the USPS offers.

ETA: on the banking thing, I really do not want sales swept into my checking account every day; it creates a bookkeeping mess, especially when I have to ship items. Way too many transactions.
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