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Originally Posted by JollyElm View Post
More advice needed...

In scanning through my cards to find ones worthy of grading through Bobby's group sub, I've come to a fork in the road. This second-year 1964 Pete Rose is obviously way off center and verging on miscut, but the card sells for a decent amount in all grades, so I'd like to have it graded simply to make it easier to move sometime down the road (hopefully a long time from now).

Attachment 365246Attachment 365247

Here's the problem. The corners are nicely squared and the only really visible 'problem' is that tiny notch (so to speak) at the top (which looks 1000% worse in the scan than it does in real life). But, and it's a big but...on back there are 4 microscopic black dots that I have to assume are marks. No matter how much they are magnified, I can't tell what the heck they are, and the cardboard isn't indented from a pen. If this card was graded, I assume the MK qualifier would take precedence, correct? Even though it's wildly OC, it would get whatever grade they deem it is with an MK on the label, or does it get downgraded due to the centering PLUS the added qualifier??

As an example, here's a random Pete Rose RC (screengrab from ebay) that is also obviously way OC, but it got a ST designation instead...
Attachment 365248

Should I get my '64 Rose graded? Opinions are very welcome.
I would get the Rose graded and not think twice about it.
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