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Default REFERENCE / Reflections....Possible sources of the T206 Wagner cards..

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * T206 REFERENCE......Reflections, Theory's, Surveys, etc. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In conversations throughout the years with collectors who own (or have owned) the T206 Honus Wagner card, it's interesting to find out that a fair number of these cards
have originated from the NY - Long Island area.
The majority of the Wagner cards are SWEET CAPORAL 150, Factory #25. Also, some of them are SWEET CAPORAL 150, Factory #30. And, a handful are PIEDMONT 150.
Conventional thinking is that none of the PIEDMONT Wagner's were inserted in Cigarette packs. Indeed, the PSA Wagner was cut from an uncut sheet (or panel). I bring
up this subject because I have a theory..... OH NO ! ..Another theory by Ted Z

Consider this....Joseph Palmer Knapp, the founder of the American Lithographic Company (ALC), had a vacation home in Suffolk County, Long Island (NY). Therefore, I'm
suggesting...when Wagner forced ATC to discontinue printing his image, ALC was in the process of printing up many 150 Series cards (which included Wagner and Plank).
So what happened to all the Wagner cards (approx. 75 - 90 exist) ? Were they dis-card-ed (excuse the pun) by ALC ? Or perhaps, Mr. Knapp took a bunch of them out to
Long Island and handed them out to his children, and their friends or neighbors. If so, these Wagner's eventually found they way into NY residents' collections.

Let's hear of your experiences, or thoughts, regarding the T206 Wagner card ?

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