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Jeff Weisenberg
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Default Customer Service in regards to this issue

I just got off the phone with one of the "Intelligent" reps at ebay to discuss this new "Option". It will be mandatory soon. Your deposit will be made daily at 1pm West Coast time as of now but soon you will be able to specify a weekly deposit direct to a checking account. There will be no direct deposit to paypal. As stated in some earlier posts, I do use paypal to make purchases on ebay and will now have to have the payments redirected from my checking account. I will now also have to deposit money from my checking to paypal to pay for items I currently have withdrawn from paypal such as postage deposits and other things. After speaking with the "Rep" I basically told her that Ebay does what ever they want and does not ask its customers for input. She said it makes life easier, Really! This will make life much harder. Updates to come!
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