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Originally Posted by Ronnie73 View Post
Welcome to the group David!! When buying from the BST section, you can look in the top right of a post to see how many posts they have made. I'd only be concerned with newer members selling until they have a proven track record. Usually if someone is a bad seller, Leon makes them magically disappear quickly, as well as informing everyone of the issue.
There have been no (I don't know of any) outright scams that were carried out successfully on our BST. Everyone should always PM me if there is any question whatsoever about a member doing a deal. All members can easily be vetted if I am contacted. I will call them and ask them for some references if nothing else. . It is caveat emptor so everyone needs to be cautious. Lastly, there are thousands of eyes over there and I get PM'd every now and then about something (and it's appreciated). But no, there is no feedback system.
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