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Default Willie, Mickey, or the Duke.... ?

Continuing to discuss this matter any further is futile, for I cannot relate with people who never saw Willie, Mickey, or the Duke play Baseball in the 1950's.
One thing nice about growing older, your mind starts reverting back to your youth and Baseball in the 1950's becomes very clear in my mind. Especially, if
you grew up in the greater NY - NJ area.

So, I leave you with some thing to think about......some thing intangible that "stands out" which Mickey Mantle and Carl Yastrzemski have achieved that no
other BB players in modern history have achieved. These two ballplayers directly "stepped" into the footprints of two tremendous ballplayers (Joe DiMaggio
and Ted Williams) and succeeded tremendously. This is an extremely rare occurrence in the history of this game. I cannot think of any other BB player who
has achieved this to the degree that Mickey and Carl did.

Think about this, let it sink into your's an awesome accomplishment which is unique to these two guys.

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