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Originally Posted by JollyElm View Post
Opinions needed...

I have this 1968 Mantle with an ST qualifier. The 'stain' is a tiny bit of gum/wax in front of his face, and it could be eliminated immediately with a quick wipe of the panty hose (don't get me started on my hatred of the 'stain' designation with regards to wax on the front of a card)...

Attachment 362608

Should I do it? Obviously, the only reason I would is because I want the card to be more 'valuable' due to the lack of a qualifier, but I would be annoyed if it came back as a lower grade (which is always a possibility) and/or possibly graded with an OC qualifier instead, because I just realized it is somewhat uncomfortably close to the bottom (and left) border.
Yes do it
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