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Originally Posted by irv View Post
Just throwing this out there.
Because OPC used a slitter machine that I believe used knives, (or something similar), as more and more cards went through this machine, the knives became duller and duller, which, of course, led to the rough edges/cuts.
But because, likely at the start of a shift, those knives were likely sharp, would that not account for some non rough cut OPC cards that were the first off this machine at the start of a new shift?

The only other thing I can think of as a possibility is that this card is a sheet cut card but I have read/heard PSA won't grade those?
How they can differentiate between the 2 is beyond me, but I have read they don't, or don't any longer.
Hi Irv. I posted on Blowout but I would rather post here also in case some are not on there. OPC cards were cut in London Ontario using wires where as Topps cards were cut in New York using as cutter blade. Hope this helps in the OPC rough cut discussion. Blades don't leave rough cuts the way wires do.

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