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Default I love your list Jonathan

Originally Posted by Collect Equity View Post
I got into soccer cards 10 years ago when I wanted to invest in Sports Cards and after looking at the market, I decided that soccer cards and specifically Pele, looked to be a good investment. So I started buying up Pele cards.

At that same time I was collecting vintage Red Sox, but I quickly exhausted my budget and got to the point where all vintage Red Sox cards I didn't have cost >$200, which was outside of my budget at the time. So instead I started buying more and more soccer cards because I could get lots of cool cards from all over the world for not very expensive prices. I love that in an average week I'll get mail from England, Italy, Croatia, and Brazil - it's pretty cool!

Now I consider myself a soccer card collector, which is ironic because the only soccer I ever follow actively is the World Cup. I've still never sold any of my soccer card 'investments,' but have built a moderate collection of cool soccer cards along the way.

Soccer cards I collect are:
  • Pele - I love Pele cards/stickers/discs and have a lot of them. I am trying for one of each card from his playing years. I am more interested in rare cards than high-grade cards
  • 1950 Tinghalls - especially team USA & rare backs
  • Vintage Billy Meredith, Steve Bloomer & GO Smith UK cards
  • Vintage Nasazzi & Andrade cards
  • Vintage Zamora and Alcantara Spanish cards
  • Rookies of Soccer stars, vintage & modern
  • 1970 Panini World Cup blue/red back cards
  • 1938 Union König Fussball Dixie Dean, Nasazzi, Zamora (I want to collect all 5 different backs of all 3 players)

If you have anything you would be willing to part with that might fit with my collecting interests above, let me know

I have been lazy about posting on this forum, but am glad to see more soccer card discussion, so I will try to start posting as well to keep the conversation going.

Very, very nice list. I LOVE the Union Konig cards and Tinghalls cards.
Al Jurgela
Looking for:
1910 Punch (Plank)
50 Hage's Dairy (Minoso)
All Oscar Charleston Cards
Rare Soccer cards
Rare Boxing cards
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