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Originally Posted by Billyscards View Post
I’ve heard from Hunt and they escalated to (David Hunt) sounds like an “error” where the floor bidder and myself (invaluable) placed the same winning bid.

And.. they gave it to the floor bidder. They are telling me nothing can be done.

They fixed my invoice form the item I never bid on but I still owe them $800 in buyer premium fees for another item won and seem to have gotten cheated by using invaluable. It stopped me from bidding on other items since I had a “limit”.

The initial response from Hunt is that there “is nothing they can do about it”

So I’ll just send them a check and likely be done with them forever.

I’ve sent a lot of money their way.

I recently won an item from them for an item I never bid on as well!! I just thought I was going crazy, or someone had hacked my login at work. I paid for the item, but knew deep it my heart I didn't bid on it. Thanks for letting me know that I did not go crazy!!
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