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Originally Posted by 100backstroke View Post
I have always been hesitant to tell the wife of purchases. Usually I try to convince her we won't lose money. Now I have been hesitant to tell her how much the collection is worth in todays market - don't want her to get any ideas of thinking about a house remodel with the (paper) profits.
My wife is on a debt payoff kick. It's good for the family and doesn't bother me. She gets very anxious about debt; her dad was on strike for 3 years, and they lived meekly. Baseball cards are a horrible waste of money in her opinion. So I don't share much about cards with her. Anyway, she reduced my monthly allotment to purchase cards to $100, which is fine, I am good at making it stretch usually. Barry Larkin stuff isn't very expensive. But I just spent 70% of my yearly budget on one card, and I didn't tell her....yet. I'm waiting for a doghouse moment where I can just blurt out that I bought another baseball card.
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