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Default 1949 movie THE STRATTON STORY

I highly recommend seeing "THE STRATTON STORY", excellently portrayed by Jimmy Stewart.
Jimmy Stewart's movie career, upon returning from being a highly decorated Air Force pilot in
WWII, was not going well. In 1949, this movie is credited with rejuvenating Stewart's career.

Here are many of the active and veteran BB players and coaches who are featured in this movie.

Gene Bearden
Wally Berger
Merle Combs
Bill Dickey
Joe DiMaggio
Jimmy Dykes
Frank Kelleher
John Kerr
Johnny Lindell
Jack Lohrke
"Peanuts" Lowrey
Clarence Maddern
Gene Mauch
George Metkovich
Lou Novikoff
Roy Partee
Jerry Priddy
Al Rosen
Hank Sauer
Mervyn Shea
Eddie Stewart
Lou Stringer
George Vico
Max West
Al Zarilla
Gus Zernial

In my opinion, this movie is the all-time 2nd best BB to The Pride of the Yankees.


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