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Default Awesome Set!!!

Originally Posted by thelimey View Post
I've been picking up some of the "Ausland" Konig Fussball cards recently. One of which is Peyroteo but his name has been butchered into Peirotea on the card. The picture is from his international debut on 24/4/38, a 1-1 draw with Germany in an exhibition match in Frankfurt.
That is really cool. I absolutely love this set! The colors are amazing and the history of it being released in Germany just before WWII is fascinating.

I have been working for a few years on a complete run of all backs for the Nasazzi, Dixie Dean, and Zamora cards from this set. There were 5 known back variations when I started the project. In July, there was the latest update on back variations and now there are at least 15 different back variations, meaning that I am very, very far behind in my collecting journey on this project:

The day I read about all of the new-found back variations, I didn't know whether to shout with joy because it means I will have years of journey ahead of me or to cry because it means I have years of journey that will likely never be complete ahead of me

Anyway, cool set and great cards! And if anyone is selling/trading any Nasazzi, Dean, or Zamora cards from this set, let me know what backs they are and I might just be interested.
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