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Originally Posted by swarmee View Post
Actually, some of those cards look interesting. If I did flea markets or traveling antique shows I would definitely buy it as inventory. Problem is, it's mostly oddball. And oversized oddball cards don't sell too well.
The original series of GPKs could be VERY GOOD if they're NM or better and complete.
A bunch of the other stuff would go well on COMC if it's not already filled out. Wish it wasn't the 5 hour drive away or I would meet up with you for it. Good luck!
I didn't go this morning. It was rainy and they assigned numbers at 8 am and only let so many people in at a time, beginning at 10:00. I may go tomorrow to see what's left. Estate sales often cut prices way down the last day.

Anything specific you could tell me to look for? I know NOTHING about GPK or anything non-baseball, and know very little about baseball cards post 1987.
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