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If you are going today, you may want to concentrate on the toys, especially (from the pictures) the following:

2 GI Joes (one 1970-73, the other 1960s). I can date them for you from the patent markings on the buttocks. Also the GI footlockers and accessories, especially the one intact, especially if it has the inner plastic tray.

Oscar Goldman figure (from the Six Million Dollar Man line from Kenner in the mid 1970s)

Mego Fonzie figure (1976-ish); looks like both of the thumbs that upraise are intact. Looks complete; value runs $25-$35

1970s 3 3/4" GI Joe figures and vehicles

1980 He-Man figures

I've been collecting toys for 40+ years, I could probably help you identify some of the stuff. Shoot me a PM.
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