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Originally Posted by mortimer brewster View Post
This happened to me also. I sent a book and a magazine in the same package to someone using media mail. The recipient had to pay for priority shipping upon delivery because of the magazine.

I also have had media mail packages searched after dropping them off at the post office. The recipient would contact me to let me know.
Every Media Mail package is supposed to be inspected before it is mailed. At the delivery office, if the package doesn't have the inspection sticker attached from the mailing office, the delivery office is required to open the package for inspection. You wouldn't believe how many people are sending car parts, baseball cards, food, and other items by Media Mail. If so many people weren't cheating, the packages wouldn't need to be opened.

As far as the old magazines, the ruling by the USPS mailing requirements office is that vintage magazines, with most of the ads no longer relevant, are eligible for Media Mail rates. Unfortunately, the USPS didn't define a cut-off date. Is it pre-1980? pre 1970? Who knows?

Back to Media Mail. Why does the PO even have this category? It was put in place 100 years ago when the only media around was books. In fact, it was called book rate at the time. The PO loses around $1 on every Media package that is mailed.
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