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Default Do some junk era "Variations" even really exist?

I thought I had posted this recently, but can't find it in my profile, so I guess I just dreamed it.

I'm curious if anyone here has actually ever SEEN one of these:

1991 Score Scott Chiamparino, bats left (Gilekson - "EXISTS?", TCD has image)

1992 Fleer Jeff Gardner, "SS" (Gilekson lists but 'needs verification', TCD doesn't list)

1991 Topps Efrain Valdez, 2 lines of text and a June 11th Birthdate (Gilekson doesn't list, but TCD has an image).

I know TCD isn't always reliable - they previously listed a 1983 Donruss Bryn Smith with the name printed correctly on both back and front which has since been taken down.

Again - curious to know whether anyone here owns or has ever seen one of these 3.

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