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Taking Frank's 6-inning idea and making a few more not-entirely un-obvious changes.

It's late at night and I'm bored.

Each game will consist of (3) 9-Out Innings in which they can ONLY use extreme shifts.

Any HR ball that lands back on the field is in play and can be used to 'soak' the trotter.

All other home runs are worth half a run for the first 8 outs of each inning, but 2 runs after the 8th out.

Home run trots are to be timed and should be completed within 45 seconds. Taking any longer to complete the trot costs his team half a run.

Bat-Flips are to be graded via video replay from the league office in New York. The grading will be on a zero-to-ten scale with the winning flipper's game salary to be disbursed to all spectators in the cheap seats.

For every walk, 50 league balls must be handed out to the crowd.

Any pitcher who cannot get even one out of his first three batters faced, must replace a position player of the opposite team's choice and bat in that player's spot.

Obvious fielding errors are to cost at least one run regardless and cost the fielding team an out in their next inning.

Any overthrows which hit a spectator will result in the player who threw the ball having to exchange his yearly paycheck with that of the spectator.

Batters can change from left-to-right handed once per at bat.

Pitchers must wear protective helmets while in the game.

First base will be flattened to avoid any Jason Kendall-type injuries.

At the end of each inning, the best outfield arm will attempt to throw out the opponent's fastest runner at home plate. The thrower will release his throw from the warning track in center field and the runner will start at second base. If the runner is thrown out, the game salary of his team's highest paid player will be disbursed to the crowd...along with 20% off coupons at the local Rent-a-Tire.

How 'bout that you purists?
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