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Default Ebay Selling Limits???

Ebay sent me a message today to inform me I now have selling limits, here is the message:

"We've updated the selling limits on your account. You can now sell up to 11 items and up to $500.00 a month, whichever comes first. We'll review your account periodically, and may automatically increase these limits based on your selling performance.

These updated selling limits aren't because of any actions you've taken on your eBay account. Limits give sellers an opportunity to learn to sell effectively on eBay before ramping up."

I've been with ebay since 2006 and have never had anything but positive feedback from a buyer or seller. What's the deal? Has anyone else received a selling limit? I don't sell all that much but my profit from selling is what I use to buy a large portion of my own collection. I guess I have been selling "Ineffectively" up to this point? I had planned to list some items earlier today but now I am unable to do so until next month(reached limit). Interested to hear if this has happened to others and were you able to increase your selling limits easily? Thanks, Brandon
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