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Originally Posted by T206Collector View Post
With the help of fellow board member Ray Piskadlo, I have compiled 54 autographed T206 cards that comprise the Great Pittsburgh Find of Signed T206s, which took place during the summer of 2007.

What we think we know is that the original owner was a sportswriter. His heir began to make the rounds of Pittsburgh dealers, including "ctang50" and "r.c.means" on ebay. He also hit the Pittsburgh show that year, and met with several autograph dealers.

What I am showing in the scan below is the 54 cards that came from this collection before, during and after many were posted (or were to be posted) on ebay. I own many of these. There is another Net54 collector that owns a fair share as well.

If you have any of these -- or think you may have additional cards from this find in Pittsburgh -- please share them here!

Thanks for posting this. Very cool!
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