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Originally Posted by Scott Garner View Post
I prefer to find the earliest example of a persons sig that I can find and I have a bias that leans heavily toward fountain pen signatures. At times I will upgrade for exactly this reason.

That being said, as Mike already stated, sometimes the later example of a player's script may be the only version you can find. In this case, I would be more than happy to add it to my collection if it filled a hole.

BTW, regarding Bullet Joe Bush. Here are a few examples of his signatures through the years. A signed photo of Bullet Joe probably signed in the early- mid 1960's. A typical later example of his signature on a 3 x 5, circa 1970. An unusual signed check whith his given name Leslie Ambrose Bush. Finally, an earlier example of his signature, circa 1953, on a GPC in fountain pen where his script doesn't show the typical shakiness that you see so often. This example is far more challenging to find, FWIW...
I'd love to have the bottom one. All the ones that I ever see are shakey. I have an older Charlie Gehringer that I really like due to be larger than his later autos.
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