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There aren't players I would refuse to collect, but there are I'd chose not to buy.

In my mind, all players' autographs are worth owning in my mind, but there are players I have distaste for.

I don't like Bonds, but if his autographed baseball was offered at a really good price I'd take it.

With political autographs, I don't collect only politicians who's beliefs I agree with. I've had both Michael Dukakis and Alexander Haig.

Though I have to admit I'm not in the market for Rafael Pameiro or Adolph Hitler autographs. Not equating the two morally or politically, just two autographers I'm not fond of. If someone has Hitler's autograph as a historical figure, I understand. As someone here said, history is made up of good and bad and if you collect history you're going to have some bad.

Dick Clark, I don't want his autograph either. Never a fan. And, no, I'm not equating him with Hitler.

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