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Default Grading Football Cards

Grading and help with eg. 1965 Topps Football Cards and/or 1957 Topps Football Cards, etc.

I have a very basic question concerning grading. This corresponds to all cards but the ones I am speaking about here are 1965 Topps Football, 1957 Football cards, etc. I see cards with great corners but when I look at the card and kind of rotate it just slightly, there seems to almost be mini creases or mini bends that I am not sure whether that automatically takes the card down in grade to a VG-EX plus at the highest or whether these are not considered creases or light creases and are considered minor surface wear or something else? I am not talking about clear creases but this very vague ones. I really need some help with this. These seem to be especially prominent on the taller cards. It is too bad I am not able to show you exactly what I mean. You almost have to be with the card in-hand.

Again, I am not talking about the easily seen creases but something a lot lighter if you want to call it that.

It is an extremely important concept that I should know already but I don't.

Thanks! I am just trying to become a better grader.
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