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Jim Thorpe a thrill a minute athlete and the fans loved him. Once when Jim was playing for the pro team Canton Bulldogs, they met a Western team that was led by a spark plugged end named Knute Rockne. Some fans thought "Thorpe is over-rated" (although in practice Jim kicked an 80 yard field goal). On the very first play Rockne smashed Thorpe to the turf. And again the great Rockne crashed through to throw Jim for a loss. Thorpe carries again and headed for the Rock and Jim kept going so did Rockne. Minutes later when Rockne came to and looked up, Thorpe was reaching down to help him to his feet. "Look here Rockne these people came to see me run and you were spoiling their fun but I had to bump you a little." Jim's old Carlisle coach Pop Warner was asked how Jim stacked up with Blanchard and Davis "Jim had the best qualities of both of them, and then some for good measure."

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