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Default Ted Williams

Originally Posted by Hot Springs Bathers View Post
Ted please tell us the Fleer story!
Mike....Stayed tuned, I will post the Fleer story later today.

For now.....I'd like to post this story that I told a Net54 "reader" who emailed me last night, asking me why Ted Williams thought so highly of Phil Rizzuto's game.
Ted Williams mentioned several factors which impressed him with Rizzuto's play. One factor that stood out in my mind was Phil's lead-off effectiveness by starting
a given inning getting on base. Whether by hitting a solid single, bunting, walking, or inadvertently getting hit by a pitch.
There's an old axiom in BaseBall that when the lead-off batter in an inning gets on base, he will score 3 out of 4 times. This amazing fact remains true since 1901.

Furthermore, Williams was impressed with "The Scooter's" fielding performance and how he could turn more Double Plays than an other Short Stop in the League.

It's my understanding that Williams was very influential in getting Rizzuto into the HOF.


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