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Originally Posted by Snapolit1 View Post
Ted - do you think Rizzuto deserves the HOF? Interested in your thoughts. Obviously he is pretty prominent on many lists of guys who are in the HOF and don't deserve it. But of course everyone is entitled to their opinion. Just curious.

Hi Steve

You are asking the wrong guy. I cannot give you an objective opinion regarding Phil Rizzuto. When we were young dudes in our neighborhood (Hillside, NJ), on Monday nights
we would get together in the gym of St. Catherine's Catholic Church for Catholic Youth Organization meeting. Monday was usually an off-day if the Yankees were in town. Phil
Rizzuto would attend and entertain us with lots of BaseBall talk....answer our questions....and, instruct us on how to play the game (hitting, bunting, stealing bases, fielding).

As a youngster, I watched Rizzuto play from 1947 to 1956. The Yankees were Champions in 8 of those years simply because they had the greatest group of team players BB
has ever seen. And, a Manager who knew how to play them, Casey Stengel (1949 - 1956). Phil Rizzuto was one of their key players who was instrumental to their success.

Therefore, if you would like an objective answer to your question...... " do you think Rizzuto deserves the HOF ? "......Ted Williams would have been the Ted to ask.


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